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Ars Electronica Center

Museum of future

The Ars Electronica Center is located in the immediate vicinity of the arte Hotel Linz - only a 3-minute walk away! This makes our four-star hotel ideal for visitors to one of the many exhibitions or events at the Ars Electronica Center. All information about the so-called "Museum of the Future" can be found here.

Since 1979, the digital revolution has been analyzed and commented at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz. In the center of this world-wide unique platform for art, society and technology are always current developments and possible future scenarios and how they could change our lives. The Ars Electronica is based on 4 pillars: the festival as a test environment, the Prix as the competition for the brightest minds, the center as a year-round interactive and presentation platform, and the Futurelab as a development and research cell.

The festival serves as a test environment for artists, scientists and researchers from all over the world. In Linz, topics such as workshops, lectures, exhibitions and symposia are then dealt with on a cross-disciplinary basis every year.
The Prix Ars Electronica serves as a trend barometer and is always in search of changing, exciting and reductive. The competition supports innovations, makes developments visible and looks for the ideas of tomorrow.
The Center, the "Museum of Future", unites all sorts of mergers from various artistic, technological and scientific directions. All the exhibitions here address the question of how to deal with our surroundings. In addition, they offer different perspectives on our present, our origins and our nature. As a unique museum, touching here is encouraged, not banned.
The Futurelab serves experts from various fields to realize ideas for our future. Whether media art, design, architecture, virtual reality, interactive exhibitions or real-time graphics - everything that makes it easier for us to deal with our world of today and the world of tomorrow is allowed.

These pillars inspire each other and align with science, research, art and technology. Thus, every day, Ars Electronica puts a variety of visions to the test and constantly reinvents itself.

Already the center of the UNESCO City of Media Arts, the Ars Electronica Center allows you to research, discover, experiment and explore. In addition to exhibitions on the future, you can also control robots, shoot photos of your own retina, clone plants and much more!

You can find all current exhibitions here!

Tip: Owners of the Linz Card get free admission to the Ars Electronica Center and many more discounts!